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Citizens attend training to learn how to keep their community safe

Harry Arzu reporting…

Citizens On Patrol (COP) is a community policing program sponsored by the Belize Police Department which has as its purpose to enlist private citizens to volunteer their time to actively patrol their community as well as to listen, watch and report criminal behavior to the police in an effort to reduce crime. One of its objectives is to educate citizens in crime prevention, increase cooperation between citizens and the police officers and direct involvement in crime prevention efforts through empowerment through the community. Former Superintendent of Police and National Coordinator for Citizens On Patrol Rudolph Orio spoke to Love News on a training workshop that got underway on Tuesday of this week in Independence Village.


Rudolph Orio – National Coordinator, COPS

“The objective is additional eyes and ears for the community and working along with the police. Our participants are from Independence, from San Pablo and from San Isidro Village. We have taught how to give evidence in a court of law, we have taught how to patrol, we have taught the techniques and methods of control, report writing and how to manage their notebook in the event they have to give evidence in court their note book is accurate. They will be going back to their respective villages. We expect them to patrol in pairs, we expect them to give us four hours per week minimum and like I said to look out for whatever crime or evil in the community and report this to the police.


Maximiliano Makin – Participant

“I’m the former chairman of San Pablo for nine years working for the village. The training for me is very helpful, to help the community, especially we who are there in the urban areas, that we are seeing that our village needs a lot of help especially in crime prevention.