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Citrus industry to expand, says Minister

We also asked the Minister of Agriculture about the citrus industry. Minister Godwin Hulse says that the citrus industry will experience major expansions in the near future.


Godwin Hulse,  Minister of Agriculture: There is a little difficulty in terms of production based on several factors. What we intend to do is to hold a seminar next week or the  latest week after next where we’ll bring all the actors together; fat processors and two associations and sit down and if it takes a day for us to hammer out all the difficulties we have and where we can go. This industry is going to grow again, literally because the problem was HLB which is greening but there have been a lot of improvements in that area, so what is requires now is to get the financing, to get the new trees back in the ground so we can balloon again. We will also be speaking with the bankers; yesterday in the speech that Mrs. Bedran gave, her bank is very much involved, so we will be speaking to them to see how they can finance this, the DFC, maybe Social Security. The Social Security is involved but on a longer term basis because as you know with farming you have to plant and wait to harvest before you can paint. So you do need some help with financing when you are in agriculture.”