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City Administrator remains on suspension

Candice Miller, the City Administrator at the Belize City Council, remains on suspension tonight. Miller was suspended for a month after the new PUP city council came into possession of documents showing an outstanding debt accumulated by Joe Bradley for drinks and food at a Chinese restaurant. Miller reportedly signed off on the spending and was consequently suspended pending investigation. Today we asked Mayor Wagner for an update on that investigation.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “We are working on all those events and we will as soon as possible be able to provide the media with some of the findings that we came up with. I still recall the first day we came in we gave this council and we gave the employees we extended an arm to them and we gave them this olive branch of ‘let us work together’. We have had many instances where information, where undermining has occurred and clearly this can’t be left to continue. Obviously something will have to give and I’ll leave it at that.”

Reporter: Has any evidence been collected or identified that may lead to the City Administrator’s termination ? Evidence that she cannot challenge if she is terminated ?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Again like I mentioned the City Administrator matter is a delicate matter that we continue to work to see how best we address it but clearly the evidence continues the mount and we will leave it at that and get back to you.”

As for the outstanding bill at the Chinese restaurant, Mayor Wagner says that it will not be paid by his council

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “That is something that we feel was gross abuse and obviously the administrator and the past mayor presided over that debacle and clear abuse. When the people entrust you to run their city they trust that you will protect their assets, will protect the finances of the council and clearly as mayor and as the new council we clearly can’t countenance this bill.”

Miller was suspended with full pay.