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City Council and Christian Worker’s Union on Food and Subsistence

The Christian Workers Union (CWU) came to the defense of Belize City Cemetery workers after their employers, the Belize City Council refused to provide subsistence when they work outside of city limits. As a result, cemetery staff refused to proceed to the Eternal Gardens Memorial Cemetery on the highway, which led to an impromptu meeting between the city staff, the cemetery manager, the city administrator, and the director of administration. According to the CWU release, their general secretary was not allowed to sit in at the meeting. CWU’s position is that the workers are entitled to subsistence like any other city staff, when working outside the city’s limits. They reiterate that countless efforts made by the CWU to the Belize City Council have been both disrespectfully and discourteously disregarded and deemed unimportant. The CWU states that the Council needs to understand that their members are entitled to certain benefits and rights that it is duty bound to defend.