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City Council holds public meeting downtown Belize City

The Belize City Council held a public meeting last night at Battle Field Park where residents in the area had an opportunity to voice their concerns. About thirty five residents attended and Mayor Darrell Bradley told us what was discussed.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“I raised issues in my presentation about Zika and what the community response could be, I spoke about the need for better zoning in Belize city so I reported on the public meeting or consultations that we held last week in the Caribbean Shores area on the proposed King’s Park zoning regulations and then other areas of wanting to emphasize urban planning and zoning throughout Belize City. I gave an update in relation to our financial operations in terms of collection of property taxes, trade license, liquor and traffic. I also announced that our financial audit for the Belize City council is available on our website so that that is something that is out there as well. I reported on the recent visit of members from the American Planning Association and what we are thinking about in terms of our partnership with NICH and other stakeholders with relation to the downtown house of culture urban redevelopment project and that Yabra development project so that there are a lot of things in terms of activities that are on the council agenda and the public meeting is an opportunity for the mayor and then each counselor is responsible to give a report on what they are doing in their various portfolio responsibilities and then as well the meeting is a public forum so that we had very active concerns from residents in relation to what they want to see the City Council doing.”

This is the second time the city council has had a public meeting in Battle Field Park for the fiscal year. Each councilor gave a report on their respective portfolio.