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City Council pays School Bills for Students to graduate

Three thousand dollars was gifted to St. Luke Methodist Primary School last week during an official visit by the Belize City Council. Last week Mayor Bernard Wagner and Councilor Ryan Elijio stepped in to assist students who had outstanding bills with the school. Without the cash donation, the students would not have been able to participate in the graduation ceremony. Mayor Wagner says the council would do it again if necessary.

Bernard Wagner – Mayor of Belize City: “We visited that school. I paid a visit to the school last week and I was actually shocked at the fact that some of the students would not have had the opportunity to walk up to receive their graduation certificate. In my days Jose when you come from primary school there is no expense but times have changed, obviously. I couldn’t sit by as a responsible Mayor or a responsible counsel and have these young kids, the future of Belize not having that first opportunity to walk up, receive their certificate, to get all the accolades and all the praise so the council made the decision to assist with those individuals, a group of them that were listed as the individuals who would not be able to walk up and we made that donation to the school, if we had to do it again, we would do it again.”

The six students will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony since the council had cleared their bills with St. Luke Methodist Primary School.