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City Council Takes Heed to the Children

A document that seeks to add to the initiatives of the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities was signed yesterday at City Hall in Belize City.  Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar, who is the councillor responsible for women and children at the Belize City Council, spoke on how this signing will add to the initiative.


Councillor Latchman-Cuellar told Love News that the children, who made the proposals to this document, are from various youth groups and schools.


There was a list of concerns and desires of these children as it pertains to the city’s safety and infrastructure, among other areas.  We asked the Councillor to speak on some of them.

The plan of action was signed by the President of a Child Advisory Body, Kendice Armstrong as well as the Belize City Council’s Director of Legal Affairs, Margaret McKenzie and Latchman-Cuellar.