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City Hall bosses concerned over safety of staff

But it seems that the troubles at City Hall are many. On Wednesday night, the vehicle of the Council’s Director of Administration, Sharlene Rudon was set on fire. While Rudon and her family managed to intervene in time to save the vehicle, the incident has raised concerns at City Hall. In a statement issued Thursday night, the City Council stated that, quote “It was clearly a deliberate and dangerous act of arson, and there can be no doubt that it is directly related to the recent restructuring of the Council which has resulted in the termination of five employees,” end of quote. Today Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold did not necessarily stand by that statement but did express their concern over the safety of their staff.

Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold: “There would have to be a lot of assumptions made to try to tie that singular event to the other events that transpired previously to that. It’s a coincidence yes I would have to agree, for me to say that that is a direct result I really can’t be responsible and say that at this point in time, we will wait for the investigations to come out but it’s a situation that the mayor and the mayor’s office is taking with concern because again we view and take highly the safety of all our staff. It has the appearance and if it is politically motivated then we denounce it in the strongest of terms. We see this happening across the world in other jurisdictions and I liken it to domestic terrorism. This attack took place on the eve of Mother’s Day. We know Ms.Rudon is a professional she’s been working at the council in excess of twenty years she’s overseen several different transitions and never something like this has happened before.”

Arnold says they are concerned that something like this can repeat itself given the current political tensions in the city.