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City Mayor Moves Up to National Politics

2014 saw the Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, confusing the media on his political plans on whether he would have been seeking re-election at the Belize City Council or whether he would be going after his desire to be the Standard Bearer for the Caribbean Shores Division.  At one point, we thought he was out of the mayoral race when the deadline for him to submit his application had passed and he didn’t send it in …. But he somehow made it in the race and was re-elected in March 2015 for another three years at City Hall.  Bradley, however, was quite calculating in his moves with his endorsement convention being a testament to just how politically strategic he was.  Singing his praises were senior members of the UDP, namely, its Party Leader, Dean Barrow; Deputy Party Leader, Gaspar Vega and Patrick Faber.  Interestingly, in his presentation, Barrow did allude to an election being held sooner rather than later.


In Bradley’s remarks at his endorsement, he attributed his entry into politics to Prime Minister Dean Barrow while pledging to commit and follow the oath he took as a Standard Bearer.


The current Area Representative for Caribbean Shores, Santino Castillo had planned to seek re-election but had stepped aside on April 17, 2015 thus making way for Bradley to run in the division – a move that was endorsed by the Party Leader Dean Barrow.  The Caribbean Shores has been won by the UDP since 2008 when the current Cabinet Secretary, Carlos Perdomo had run against Jose Coye and won by just under one thousand votes.