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City resident in Coma after socializing in Crooked Tree

Twenty-seven-year-old Elton Henry Baiza lives in Belize City but works in Crooked Tree Village. After a day of work, he decided to stay in the village and socialize on Friday night. But Saturday morning between 2 and 4 a.m. Baiza was gravely injured. Reports are that Baiza was either attacked by an individual or a group of men. He was found on a roadside by someone who rendered aid to him. His mother Lesa Baiza says her son was a good and hard working person who is unfortunately now in a coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Lesa Baiza Mother of Elton Henry Baiza: “He is a nice person and a loving person. I know he is not a perfect son but he is loving and what they did to him is hard on me right now, really hard.”

Jose Sanchez: “He worked in Crooked Tree, What actually happened?”

Lesa Baiza Mother of Elton Henry Baiza: “He works with Canto Construction in Crooked Tree. When the incident happened I was getting ready to go to work when his boss called me and said that they are rushing him down to Belize. He just called me and told me that he went to the dance and they had to put him out of the club. I am telling you exactly what he told me, they put him out of the club right and he said he doesn’t know why they put him out but they put him out. He also told me that they hit him in the head with a pint bottle and how they are rushing him down to Belize City Hospital. That is all he told me, nothing else and up to now I still haven’t seen him yet in person as the mother. One hit to the head with a pint bottle could have never put my son in that state, it could have never put my son in that state there, it has to be more than one and it is only in his head they gave him. Nowhere else on his body, only his head like they wanted to kill him. Why? That is someone else’s child, whosoever did it no have heart. You must remember that they have brothers and sisters, they come from a mother just like how he comes from a mother. All the doctor told me this morning is that his brain is still swollen and he still has a bit of blood in his brains. He has a concussion in his brain and we have to watch that. Yesterday he was catching an infection so it is the medication that we are dealing with right now because we have to buy the medication and thing. He uses pampers and thing too so it is really hard on me right now you know because I did not know it would be knocking at my door.”

Jose Sanchez: “And I am assuming the expenses are ramping up as well?”

Lesa Baiza Mother of Elton Henry Baiza: “Yes that is true but by all my family standing beside me god will give us the strength to carry through.”

Jose Sanchez: “If anybody would like to help or if anybody would like to assist how can they reach you?”

Lesa Baiza Mother of Elton Henry Baiza: “They can reach me at 6284533.”

The expenses are mounting and if you would like to help the Baiza’s meet their hospital and additional expenses that are accruing for Elton’s care, you can make a deposit to Holy Redeemer Credit Union account number 9327.