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City Resident says Eviction is Unfair

Belize City resident Kenroy Staine says he has lost faith in the justice system. That’s because Staine and his family were evicted from a land they have been living on for more than thirty years. Their items were thrown on the side of Antelope Street. Hipolito Novelo tells us more. 

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  53 year old Belize City resident, Kenroy Staine, feels defeated. 

Kenroy Staine, Belize City Resident: “I just miss my wife because if my wife was here they would not have been able to do this. Honestly. It hurts.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  Staine and his family, save for his wife who passed away some years ago, have been living on this plot of land on Antelope St. in Belize City for more than 30 years. This afternoon, Staine and his family found themselves outside the yard. Their belongings were ripped from the house and left on the side of the street. 

Kenroy Staine, Belize City Resident: “I had gotten a land, an SU court order to come off of my land. So, just like that I’ve been going to court from 2019. 2022 I got an order to come off of the land. No notice, no nothing. They had come already like two weeks ago. They said they would give me until the 15th of September. When they had come the 15th, I didn’t have anything prepared or anything so I looked and seeked after it, sir. I actually got a land from Cordel Hyde but that still didn’t give me ample time to move off and thing. So I explained to the marshal and everything but it’s not his call he said. But hey still came. In the house you can see they broke down the house. They tore up. You can see the TV has a crack on it. Watch my fridge. It’s like, I don’t know bredda. Then I’ve got the baby. A new, just say two months sir. I have to be left on the street with all of this, all of my family. I just saw this young man come. As I left through the door sir, I was coming out and the police said, see the dad, see the old man there. I was coming through the door, this man just pushed me down. Just like that. I am not a fighter so I just got up and, sir you hurt me. Anyway, what will we start with? They started to break down. They started to loosen things. First thing I saw, the man went for where the metre was. The man was looking to *inaudible*. No sense that because you’re loosening that, bredda, and that could cause a fire right away. Then he left it and he started to do the door and then he started to haul things out of the house. To see this and thing, I had believed in our system but to know that the system actually failed me. I don’t know sir but it’s hard.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  Staine says the land remains disputed. That dispute began after his wife died and some woman is now claiming ownership of the land. He says he was given notice but the time given for him and his family to pack up and leave was too short.

Kenroy Staine, Belize City Resident: “I’ve been to court. Three different times. Adjourned. Adjourned. I didn’t even see the lady who took me to court and this is what I am faced with. I just lost sir. I accept my defeat but I am just praying to God that somebody gives me time or even if the judge is listening or is hearing, acknowledge me time and thing to move. This is not an overnight. This is not an overnight thing sir and I have to work to maintain my family too. I have bills and on top of this now, this is more strain on me again, sir. I don’t have any more to say sir. I’m just hurt.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  Staine says all he’s asking for is more time. 

Kenroy Staine, Belize City Resident: “I do have somewhere to go that is not the problem but everything takes time sir. Everything takes time. I don’t know what to say sir. I just feel devastated and, and I hurt. Me as an adult, sir, I could work out everything and so. It’s my kids. They are the ones I worry about. What happens to the ones who are coming from school right now? What happens to the ones who were supposed to have something to eat and so? I don’t even have time for that sir. Honestly.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  So what will you do now? Because everything is outside. 

Kenroy Staine, Belize City Resident: “They said they’ll give me two more months to move the structure. All I can do sir is to put back my things and reside there and still work on the land that I got because when the two months come, sir, I don’t want to face this again. I don’t want anyone to hu my kids. I already haven’t had a fair trial. I just haven’t had a fair trial at court already. I can accept that. But I just need time. I will come out if that is what they have forced, if that is what they want. I can’t beat the court system sir but you just can’t throw me on the street like I am a four foot animal and just walk around.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News:  Reporting for Love News, Hipolito Novelo.”