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City spends over 1/2 million on a new fleet

Belize City is the most populated municipality in the six districts. The work of the City Council is diverse and the public focus in the past has been on debts to contracted garbage collectors and missing equipment.  Today the council held a public viewing at the memorial park to showcase 12 Wingle Pickups and 12 motorcycles that it has purchased to beef up its infrastructure for the traffic and other departments. Mayor Bernard Wagner spoke about the vehicles and how the new fleet of vehicles would be used amidst a flurry of sirens.

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner
Mayor of Belize City Bernard Wagner

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Today your Belize City Council is proud to announce the acquisition of twenty-four new motor units; twelve Great Wall Wingle 5 pickup trucks and twelve Hony HL 125 motorcycles. These vehicles will be utilized by our traffic department, special constable unit, works department, our cemetery and sanitation units as well as our public health and PR departments. Our City’s growth isn’t happening by accident, it’s happening because Belize City is an attractive place to live and because this council has a vision to make our community a safe place to live, a place where law and order serve our residents. Today’s unveiling of these vehicles forms an integral component to that overarching theme- that it is of being a law-compliant city and citizens. These vehicles will be used to bring good order to the at times chaotic and even hazardous streets and roads and highways. They will enhance the mobility of our departments in their efforts to provide service to our people particularly those that traverse the two stretch of highways that serve as gateways to Belize City. These two five-mile stretches of thoroughfare which arguably are the most heavily trafficked roads in the nation will continue to see an increase in use and elevated speeds given their significant improvement over the past year. Our new fleet will be tasked to usher in order and compliance to law by all our residents on our city streets and roads. It is anticipated that this should dovetail directly into our ‘three E’ initiative which speaks to Engaging, Educating and Enforcement. We have been a prudent council, one that has elevated the bar as it relates to prudential standards, accountability, transparency, and integrity. Unlike our predecessors, we continue to operate wholly without much financial assistance from Central Government.”

The mayor says the payment of the vehicles will be at 10 grand a month for five years. In his opinion, the six hundred thousand dollars that will be paid is a better deal when examining the cost comparison to vehicles purchased by the previous UDP Council.Belize City Council

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “It’s a purchase-sale type agreement, it’s a five-year facility where we would paying something in the area of $10,000 monthly which is not here or there in respect to your debt servicing it does not impact the council’s debt servicing whatsoever. At the end of the day, you are acquiring twenty-four chattels, compared to when we came to office the previous council had acquired two vehicles one for the city administrator and one for the previous mayor at the sum of close to $400,000. So when I did the comparison I said listen they got two vehicles for that amount of money we are getting 24 vehicles which will serve the people of Belize City long after we leave office.”