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Civil Aviation Continues Investigation into Plane Crash of 2014 and 2015

Exactly six months ago today, a Tropic international plane crashed into the sea this whilst transporting three persons; the pilot, Denfield Borland and passengers, Arthur Rogiers, an American national and Eddie Bodden, a Honduran National.  That flight had left the Phillip Goldson International Airport at 4:30 that Tuesday evening and was heading to the Roatan Bay Island in Honduras.  But something went wrong and the plane crashed into the sea in the area of Glover’s Reef and the Great Blue Hole with its occupants unhurt.  This is one of two incidents that the Civil Aviation Department is still investigating as Love News understands that some parts of the plane have been sent abroad for further inspection.  According to Lindsey Garbutt, Director of Civil Aviation, while these two incidents did occur, the safety records of the airline should also be recognized.


“Some aspect of the investigation is still ongoing and when I talk about building capacity we continue build the capacity as the department so that our people can work with the industry to ensure that it’s as accident free as possible. However like I said then, we are running a significant amount of operations every year, almost 200,000 operations a year of Tropic and Maya air and the others and I think their safety record can be compared favorably with the safety records of any airline anywhere in the world. So while there were two incidents that we continue to investigate we also think that they deserve kudos for the safety with which they have operated so many operations for so many years.”

The second incident also under investigation is one that occurred on December 4 last year involving a single engine Tropic Air plane which had left Ambergris Caye and was forced to crash land upon arrival at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip, landing just near the sea.  Aboard that flight were five passengers including a man, who was being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot on the island.  Despite these incidents, in mid-November Tropic Air was presented with safety certificate achievements by ALTA, the Latin America and Caribbean Air Transport Association.  ALTA is a private, non-profit organization, whose member airlines represent over 90 percent of the region’s commercial air traffic.