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Civil matter against UDP Loyalist Alfonso Noble is Discontinued

More than $100,000 that’s the payout that Andrea Corrin-Myers received as compensation for the death of her husband, Gilbert Myers. The quantity was confirmed by Myers’ attorney, Senior Counsel Said Musa. The payout was issued by RF and G Insurance whose customer is UDP loyalist Alfonso Noble. The widow had launched a civil case against Noble who knocked down and killed her husband on December 25, 2016.  According to the law firm of Musa and Balderamos, a letter signed by Myers was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution stating that Myers no longer wants to pursue the matter in court.  While Noble is off the hook with respect to the civil matter, he still has criminal charges to answer and is expected to reappear in court in January 2018. It is expected that the matter will be dismissed since Myers, the complainant no longer wants court action. Forty-eight-year-old Gilbert Myers was riding his bicycle from Belize City to Hattieville when he was hit by Noble, who was driving a red Nissan pickup truck.