Civil Registry Grant Project to end the frustration at Vital Stats

Civil Registry Grant Project to end the frustration at Vital Stats

No one is immune to the stress that’s associated with going to the Vital Statistics Department to get a service. For two years, the Government has insisted that digitising Vital Stats is the sure-proof way of ending the backlogs and frustrations. That’s why the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has decided to support Belize in The Strengthening of the Civil Registry Grant Project. With the help of the E-Governance and Digitalisation Unit, the Attorney General’s Ministry will be supported in developing a comprehensive brand and communications strategy, improving the unit’s visual identity and, improving public rapport. Attorney General, Magali Marin-Young spoke at the launch. 

Magali Marin-Young, Attorney General of Belize: “It is our first sense of identity when we register the birth of our children and death, marriage, adoption, and it is a critical unit and over the years it has been a challenge providing the services throughout the country but we believe that through the digitization of this unit and using the virtual web we will be able to provide this service to every Belizean whether they are in Halacte, in Santa Elena Corozal, out west in Succotz or even Half Moon Caye if there is Wifi out there. So we want to certainly thank the UNDP. I can say that from inception from Mr.King has heard our ideas of wanting to digitize the Vital Statistics Unit his team and himself have been very proactive in reaching out to us ‘How can we assist government?’ How can we partner with you in accomplishing this goal of digitizing the Vital Statistics ?’ and today is just an example of that partnership, that willingness to help the Government of Belize and the people of Belize in achieving this.”

The UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative, Ian King says that the organisation’s support is geared at making processes like applying for a birth certificate seamless.

Ian King, UNDP Deputy Resident Rep, Appointed for Belize: “The core components of this project include the roll out of the digital connect centers and I look forward to when we can actually go to one of the centers and be out in the field and see it in action and see people young, old and otherwise disadvantaged persons accessing the services therein and hopefully ultimately AG you know looking forward to seeing when the Vital Statistics people are actually accessing those services through these connect centers and others. You’ll be aware Minister that we were able to support capacity building of over ninety public servants in digital skills, seven hundred persons in digital skills in rural area who we foresee will improve their livelihoods including accessing government services along with the launch of the digital connect platform. I live here in Belmopan and I used to see people line up at five o’clock in the morning in front of Immigration to access services and I think I’m sure as you saw from the AG believe those are things that you want to see in the past.”

The goods are valued at 63,000 dollars.

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