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Civil Review Complaints Commission Roadshow Reaches Toledo


The Civil Review Complaints Commission was launched on the 21st of November, 2018.  It is chaired by former police commissioner Gerald Westby. The oversight committee has a representative from each of the districts and the committee is mandated to make sure complaints are dealt with expeditiously.   The commission is embarking on a countrywide listening tour and the committee has made its way to the Toledo District. Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung: “Officials of Civilian Review met with members of Toledo Police Formation yesterday in Punta Gorda. Main speaker at the meeting of the Punta Gorda Police Station Chairperson  of the Committee, Former Commissioner of Police Gerald Westby spoke to Love News.

Gerald Westbury: “We met with the Police detachment to give them an appreciation of the role of the Civilian Complaints Review Committee as it relates to complaints from the public against the Police and in this particular case against police in Toledo we emphasize that Mrs. Mahung is there as an oversight and the representative from Toledo to look at complaints from the public to ensure that they are dealt with expeditiously, fairly both as it relates to the Police and the civilian. Mr. Ack is a very dynamic officer and you can still go to Mr. Ack to make you complaint. At this time we are hoping that eventually a independent location as a matter of fact Mr. Ack only informed us this morning that a good samaritan in Punta Gorda has offered a location away from the station where a Professional Standard Branch Office will be posted to take complaints from the public away from the Police Station.

Paul Mahung: “Toledo Representative on the Civilians Complaint Review Committee is Celia Mahung.

Celia Mahung: “ It was good to hear ACP Ack indicating that he has an open door policy and civilians must feel free to come in to make their complaints against law enforcement officers but  I’m also looking forward to the establishment of the Professional Standards Branch here in Punta Gorda that will be available for civilians to launch their complaints. These complaints will be forwarded to the National Civilians Complaints Committee for further review. It is important that complaints that are made by civilians be addressed in a timely manner and I believe that the committee will do their best to ensure that.”

Paul Mahung: “During the meeting remarks from offices completed Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Francisco Ack for his open door policy where he provides the opportunity and option and encourages members of the public in Toledo to continue their visits to him to make legitimate complaints of law enforcement officers here. It was noted that the complaints made directly to him and dealt with under his authority were solved with positive results through his effective leadership style. Similar meetings with held on Tuesday with members of Police formations in Dangriga, Placencia and Independence. Paul Mahung,Toledo Correspondent Love News.”