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Civil suit against Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary continues

Yesterday marked two years since 14-year-old Tomari Jackson drowned at Tiger Sandy Bay near mile 31 on the George Price Highway.  Jackson was one of t 32 North Cobb High School students of Kennesaw, Georgia who was on a field trip in Belize. His mother, Adell Forbes filed a lawsuit against the school’s chaperones and Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize who planned the trip. That lawsuit is pretty much alive today and according to news outlets in the US, a team of experts will be traveling to Belize soon to take more depositions and examine a number of things. The suit claims the chaperones and Monkey Bay did not do enough to prevent Jackson’s death, nor did they keep an eye on the students, none of whom were wearing life vests. An essential piece of evidence to Forbes’ lawsuit is a video shot from a camera strapped to Tomari’s head that showed him drowning, a short distance from some of his fellow students.