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Classes officially start next week for Gwen Liz but will all teachers be there?

While most high schools have opened this week, the situation of Gwen Lizarraga High School remains fluid tonight. Low enrollment is affecting the finances and the school will not be able to balance its expenses with a full staff for all four forms without making adjustments to the number of faculty or to the programs currently being offered. The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a meeting with the Ministry of Education and the CEO of the Ministry to discuss the future of the school. Love News spoke via phone to Elena Smith who says classes haven’t officially started at the high school as yet.

 Elena Smith: “It doesn’t seem as there is going to be any decision that will be made possibly this week. It probably would have to be a little bit later so we are not even sure when the meeting will be scheduled with the staff for us to be there so nothing is certain at this point in time. “

Jose Sanchez: “Are all teachers teaching or just some have some people in Limbo, how is operating?”

 Elena Smith: “Well I forgot to ask the question but we were told that classes for Gwen Liz will begin next week and so even though our schools open today they are not going to be opening until next week.

Jose Sanchez: “So that’s when the decision is expected?.”

 Elena Smith: “I suppose so so you know by then they should have something in place and they will have a better idea of how they will bring about who will be doing what and what programs they will be offering because they have to look at their programs as well and so if there are some programs that they have been offering that they don’t have enough students for them then they might have to consider not offering those programs and then just focusing on the ones that have more enrollment in those classes so its a range of things they have to look at before the make the decision.