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Classes resume on Wednesday as ICJ Referendum date collapses to Injunction

A life uninterrupted is perhaps a glass half full or half empty type of situation. But depending on your perspective the scheduled April 10 referendum as well as the injunction granted by the Supreme Court interrupted scheduled plans. Many public schools across the country were designated voting centers for the referendum and though it was no longer going to happen, there were still many reports that schools would remain closed on Wednesday. For those who made plans for their day off, we have to report that plans have changed again. We spoke to the Chief Education Officer for the Ministry of Education, Carol Babb who says that classes across the country resumes as scheduled on Wednesday.

Jose Sanchez: “Dr. Carla Babb regarding classes, no referendum for tomorrow. What is the update?”

Dr. Carol Babb Chief Education Officer Ministry of Education: “So as you know we thought a referendum was scheduled for tomorrow so the referendum has been postponed and so classes will be held tomorrow as per normal.”

Jose Sanchez: “There are parents who may have made alternative plans for their kids so there is some concern from them as well?”

Dr. Carol Babb Chief Education Officer Ministry of Education: “Well the entire country had made plans, I made plans. I thought I was going to vote tomorrow but I am not going to vote so then I have to make my own changes, my own amendments in what will happen for me tomorrow and for others too will make their changes.”

Jose Sanchez: “And so the update is regarding to classes for all different levels?”

Dr. Carol Babb Chief Education Officer Ministry of Education: “For all levels. From Preschool all the way to Jr. Colleges.”

Jose Sanchez: “Including private institutions?”

Dr. Carol Babb Chief Education Officer Ministry of Education: “Well private institutions are advised to have classes as well. I also want to thank all schools that were polling stations. Those schools had to go through major preparation thinking that tomorrow would have been a day for the referendum so I want to thank all teachers and principals who made that preparation and now have to fix back their classrooms for tomorrow.”