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Classical concert held at the Mexican Institute

“From Bach to Belize” is a series of concerts and art installations held at the Mexican Cultural Institute. The second concert and installation is being held tonight at 7 p.m., and there is no entrance fee. To get a better idea of the show, we spoke to the visual artists, Yaoling Lee.

Yaoling Lee, Visual Artist: “I’m the visual artist who collaborated with the event which is the second concert or the second installation.”

Reporter: Can you tell us more about it ?

Yaoling Lee, Visual Artist: “Well as I mentioned earlier it is the second concert vs the second installation meaning that we had the first one two weeks ago and this time the opening in Friday. Please be here at 7pm at the Mexican Institute. We have completely different programs a different installation and paintings and some other things will come up to surprise you. So yeah.”

Reporter: So it’s not only an art show but it’s also like a concert?

Yaoling Lee, Visual Artist: “It is a concert but as the title on the flyer says it’s a classical concert versus the installation. So if you are interested and curious you just pop in and come to listen to music and use your eyes to feel the art as well.”

Reporter:  So the art pieces they are created by you ?

Yaoling Lee, Visual Artist: “Yes, Yaoling Installation, it’s the second installation, the first one was based on the jazz sketches I did and now it’s the second set of paintings that is based on on my ballet dance sketches but I put one up from the last time up as well so people can follow up on my paintings. There is something interesting we are putting in the program as well but I don’t want to mention it yet.”

We also spoke more about the classical concert with the music director, Peter Illavsky.

Peter Illavsk, Music Director: “This is the second concert in a series of three concerts, we had the first one two weeks ago where we presented classical music and Baroque music and the second one is going to be a travel from Europe to Belize so we will play classical music but also tradition music from here. It will be quite interesting, very exciting and we have a lot of performers a lot of very good performers here from Belize City so I’m very happy about that.”

Reporter: You said it’s a series, so how many can we look forward to ?

Peter Illavsk, Music Director: “The last one is next week on Friday the 24th this is the name as I said is “Sound of the Trumpet” we have a trumpet virtuoso coming from New York.”

Reporter: So the musicians are from Belize how did you go about finding the musicians ? Can they volunteer? How does that work?

Peter Illavsk, Music Director: “It works through contacts so you just meet when I’m teaching and they present themselves and they show me something and so I see whoever is good and wants to do it they can do it there we are, everybody can join us.”