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Cleopatra White Poly-Clinic Reopens Dental Clinic

After being closed for over a year, this morning the Cleopatra White Poly-Clinic reopened their dental clinic. The newly renovated clinic comes at a cost of twenty two thousand dollars that was provided by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The clinic had originally closed its door in May of last year due to high risk associated with dental care. According to Senior Dental Surgeon Dr. Raphael Samos, the risks are still present but the clinic is better equipped this time around. Minister Michel Chebat says the clinic’s reopening was an important part of the ministry’s goal to improve service delivery at the facility.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Because of the COVID19 pandemic many of our other services apart from the streamlined COVID services had to be put on halt because of the exposure for the doctors and the patient and because of the close proximity with which dentists work with patient it is very very high risk and so the dental services were put on pause for a while but with the numbers having gone down we felt it was important to start providing the other services and with this clinic having been newly renovated we felt it was time to reintegrate those services.”

Dr.Raphael Samos, Sr.Dental Surgeon, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “It’s a very very important clinic in providing the dental services. It has reached a point that the demand has increased over the years. So by opening this clinic it will relieve a little bit of the demand out there. Remember Belize City on a whole has the highest population countrywide so to cater for that population is always a challenge and by opening this one it will help alleviate that demand.”

The clinic is available to the public and its opening hours are from seven to five p.m.