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Climate Change Centre Wins Energy Globe Award 2016

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (5 C’s) was recently announced as the 2016 Energy Globe winner for a project they had submitted on Belize.  The Climate Change Centre is based in Belize and had submitted the project of a mobile biogas laboratory at the University of Belize’s Belmopan Campus with the objective of building capacity in the biogas sector.  The submission of the project to the Energy Globe was done by Henrik Personn, who serves as the Renewable Energy Expert at the 5C’s with the design and implementation done by the organization.  Love News understands that the laboratory is being used jointly with other activities which have proven to be making strides in the contributions to educational undertakings through research and teaching.  Currently there is an effort being made to assess the biogas potential of several waste biomass including banana and citrus.  In its presentation to the Energy Globe, the 5 C;’s noted in their presentation, quote, “Despite the fact that there are substantial biomass resources available in Belize; the adoption of appropriate conversion technologies has been poor. The result is that large quantities of organic waste generated from human activities are being dumped into natural systems. When this waste dissolves, it emits gas (biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, etc.) into the atmosphere. The main composition of this gas is a large quantity of methane and carbon dioxide with some other compounds such as hydrogen sulphide. These gases are highly pollutant and some of them highly energetic. They are having a big impact on global warming and the uncontrolled waste dumping causes environmental pollution. During this project, a mobile biogas laboratory was installed at the campus of the University of Belize.”  End of quote.  The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre was among one thousand five hundred other projects submitted from one hundred and seventy countries.  The Energy Globe Award is a prestigious environmental prize, recognized internationally and was first founded in 1999 by the Austrian Energy Pioneer, Wolfgang Neumann.  The award distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally, that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources.  According to the 5 C’s, the regional organization said the University of Belize is also actively engaging stakeholders to determine how the biogas lab can contribute to solving some environmental concerns.  As a result, the university is seeking to partner with agencies that can support the initiatives as well as the possibility of expanding the lab and its research capacity.  One possibility being looked at currently is the university’s participation in the Red Mesoamericana de Investigacion y Desarrollo de Biocombustibles; through this, it is hoped that funding will be made available.  As the 2016 Energy Globe National Winner, the 5C’s will receive a certificate, highlighting the project and signed by the Energy Globe Chairperson, Maneka Ghandi and its founder, Wolfgang Neumann.  The certificate is an internationally recognized hallmark for sustainability.