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Climate Change: ‘Feel the Change’

The efforts at minimizing the effects of climate change in Belize are ongoing ranging from training programs to a survey and more recently, a public awareness campaign on Climate Change Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices.  This campaign is being executed through the National Climate Change Office, the United Nations Development Programme and the Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership. The campaign’s theme is, ‘Feel the Change’ and will have a primary focus on the actual changes in weather patterns that can be felt and seen in the environment with the idea of encouraging Belizeans to be a part of the changes.  Activities on this campaign includes visits to the south side of Belize City as well as Corozal on April 24 and 22 respectively.  These visits will coincide with the global celebration of Earth Day and will the unveiling of billboards, reusable shopping bags and solar powered lanterns as well as discussions and interactive games.  As we mentioned earlier, there was a survey conducted in 2016 and it is based on the results of the survey that a strategy was drafted including this awareness campaign.  While Belize is not a major contributor to climate change, it does stand to be affected greatly if a certain resilience is not constructed. Climate change can contribute to more intense storm systems in the region and negative impacts on land, water resources and biodiversity associated with climate change have also been predicted. It is crucial for persons to understand that agriculture, fisheries, water and sanitation, human health and coastal resources and infrastructure are all being affected by climate change and require responses at both community and national levels in the region.