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Clinic Fees Go Up at KHMH

Just over three years ago in November 2012, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital implemented a ten dollar consultation fee for the men, women and children who sought appointments with the specialists at the hospital.  Come Monday, February 15, the consultation fee will go up one hundred and fifty percent, meaning, those who utilize the hospital’s clinic will be paying twenty five dollars for a consultation.  Norman Augustine Jr, the Director of Finance spoke on the basis of this increase.


“For the clinic area as it stands right now, the contribution that we are charging is actually only 16% until now is only 16% of what it costs us to run that unit. The patients are asked to contribute that 16%. There is another part to that. Sometimes we don’t collect the entire 16% because we do have patients that do come in and may only have a little bit but we still try to accommodate them. What we are asking for now is still a contribution to make it to at least 32% and we are asking the patients to pay, to contribute to what it costs us. The government will still maintain to contributing their part of 68% of what it costs to run the clinic area. So what will this do for the patient? It will ensure continuity of service, it will ensure  improvement of service that we have to provide to patients. We will continue to expand with regards to the supplies. While government does provide a lot of the supplies to us we here at KHMH have to find that money to buy specialized supplies and additional supplies. It will improve the service and we will continue being here offer to the general public the needs of the services that they want.”

The clinic fee is not the only price increase that is looking to be implemented as explained by Augustine.


“I need to also highlight the increase in price for the physiotherapy unit which will take effect 1 March that we have, fifteen dollars per first visit and ten dollars per subsequent visit which is only a fraction of what it costs us to run that unit so we’re asking thirty dollars for your first visit to the physiotherapy and twenty dollars for the subsequent visit which is still a contribution that is small but it will be thirty three point five percent, that thirty dollars and twenty dollars will only be thirty three point five percent what it costs us to run that unit and we’ve maintained a professional staff.”

According to Augustine, while they will not turn away anyone in need of medical attention, they are appealing to the public to live up to their commitments in paying for the services they receive at the hospital.   In tomorrow’s newscast, we will bring to you a further look into the hospital’s expenses.