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Clive’s Narrow Escape; Shooter at Large

A man narrowly escaped an attempt on his life after a bullet grazed him this morning. Thirty year old Clive Jones of Ladyville Village told police that around 6:39 he was riding his bicycle on Perez Road when he noticed two male persons walking towards him coming from the opposite direction. When one of the men was about twenty feet away, he pulled out a silver handgun and fired a single shot at Jones. The bullet tore through his shirt and grazed him on the right side of his stomach. Jones says he immediately escaped into the bushes and headed to the Ladyville Police Station. In his report, Jones says he was able to recognize one of the men but that it was the first time he saw the other who fired the weapon at him. His injury has been classified as grievous harm and police are looking for one man as they continue to investigate the report.