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Close to 25K stolen from Midtown

There were three robberies that occurred in the Belize District last night; one in Ladyville, followed by another at the Farmer’s Market Roundabout and another on Newtown Barracks, also known as the entertainment strip.  Midtown Restaurant, according to Police Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, was targeted by robbers who took a limited amount of cash and jewelry valued close to twenty-five thousand dollars.

Insp Wilfredo Ferrufino: On the 31st of October sometime around 5:30 pm Police received information that there was robbery at Midtown Restaurant on Newtown Barracks. As a result Police visited the establishment and spoke to several persons. What Police had unearthed is that two individuals entered the establishment posing as patrons and upon making their way inside, they each pulled a firearm, two dark skin male persons and they proceeded to rob one of the managers of jewelry, cellphone and cash amounting to $24,900. They made their way out the establishment and made good their escape. That amount is not totally in cash, it is property the was stolen, jewelry more so but yes whenever these incidents occur we look at every angle, we treat almost everyone as a suspect in attempt to understand and try to identify who may involved on any suspects into the matter, we do know that there is footage from the incident and Police are investigating that matter. We are looking at one person of interests this time and the investigation is ongoing.

The Midtown Robbery was caught on a surveillance camera. The police department is using it as part of its investigation.