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Close of Lobster Season Approaches

Consumers of seafood have been enjoying the open season for lobsters and there is a few more days left before the season closes.  The Fisheries Department has sent out an advisory informing and reminding fishers and the general public that lobster season closes on Monday, February 15.  Subsequent to February 15, anyone found in possession of the crustacean will be dealt with according to the law in accordance with the Fisheries Regulation Three-One-Bee, Chapter two-ten of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize 2003.  In addition to the advisory of the upcoming close of the season, the Fisheries Department has stated that fishers should remove lobster traps until the season reopens.  Inspections will be carried out in the month of March at various fishing vamps and the coastal fishing community where officials will be taking stock of the lobster traps and their owners while conducting registration of those traps.  Any traps found in the waters after the lobster season closes on Monday will be destroyed.  The Fisheries Department encourages residents to report infractions being done at 224-4552.