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Closing Arguments Conclude in Calaney Flowers’ Trial

Closing arguments were heard today in the case against Calaney Flowers, accused of hitting the motorcycle of her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. The Defense represented by attorney Dickey Bradley, argued that the four witnesses presented by the prosecution were faulty and argued that their testimonies were not credible. Two of these are statements given by police officers at the scene after the incident.


“They defy common sense because if you say you see a red car pick up speed, heavy speed and come with a massive force to hit a 600cc ninja bike with two occupants on it with such force that you can send that bike flying 67 feet until it bounced into the pick up at the gate of the church and the occupants be flung the distance I told you it would have to be some kind of force to cause that but we had the photographs of the car taken by the police shortly after the accident and the day afterwards and there is not a scratch or dent, no tiremark to the front, the license plate is right there and this is a small car.”

One of the strongest points the defense put forth was that Flower’s car, which is presumed to be the murder weapon, sustained no damages to suggest that it ever collided with the motorcycle. Co-counsel Arthur Saldivar spoke with Love News about how much the defense is hinging on the car evidence.


“The car is the  case, the case is the car, it’s like the OJ case if the glove doesn’t fit then you must acquit. The car is the case. If they cannot show, and I don’t believe from the evidence they showed that the car was involved in a high speed collision you cannot say then that Ms.Flowers did anything with her car. Remember she was driving the car. The case is not that she reached out from inside the car and grabbed Mr.Morrison’s clothes and pulled him off the bike, that is not the case. The case is not that she honked her horn and frightened him and he fell the case is that she took the car, used it as a battering ram and rammed the cycle with the car; that is the case. So if the car doesn’t show that that happened then the rest is up to you.”

It has been four years that Calaney Flowers is at the Kolbe Foundation. Saldivar spoke about her condition as a lupus patient.


“Ms.Flowers is a person who has lupus, she is a lupus patient. It has not been easy on her being where she is. She has maintained from the inception of this matter that she is innocent and there is nothing that has transpired in the court to lead me to believe otherwise so we are hoping at this point that with everything that has been said and brought before the court that she will be in a position to resume her normal life.”

After the prosecution submitted their final arguments, the judge stated that he would be reviewing the case and returning with the verdict sometime next week.