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Club Owner Fined for Defending Sister From Abusive Boyfriend

Twenty-three year old Chris Rosado, the owner of Thirsty Thursday, a restaurant and bar located on Newtown Barracks, was spared a custodial sentence today when he was found guilty of wounding by the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. Rosado was fined $2,000 and he was ordered to pay $1,000 in compensation to the victim, his ex-brother-in-law, 19 year old Sergio Quan. In her ruling Chief Magistrate Smith said that vigilante justice or jungle justice will not be condoned. Quan testified that on the night, November 23, 2014, Rosado arrived at high speed at his residence on Slaughterhouse Road and knocked down the gate while he was sitting on a bench in the yard. He said Rosado approached him and proceeded to punch him several times in his face then threw him to the ground and he received a wound to the left side of his body. This was as a result of an incident which had occurred earlier at Thirsty Thursday. Rosado testified and admitted that he punched Quan but he said that he was defending himself. He said when he approached Quan while Quan was sitting on the bench, Quan got up and approached him in an aggressive manner and Quan was drunk.  Rosado said he was looking for his sister, Chelsea Rosado, who was Quan’s girlfriend at the time. Chelsea testified that prior to the incident between his brother and Quan, she and Quan had a misunderstanding at Thirsty Thursday and while they were in the kitchen Quan beat her and caused injuries to her. Chelsea’s mother, Jacqueline Haylock, testified that she took photographs of the injuries and the photographs were identified by her. Rosado was represented by attorney Anthony Sylvestre.