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Coalition introduces new initiative

Over the years the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage has come up with various methods of getting their message across. Today the organization introduced its latest initiative. Tanya Williams is the Executive Director.

Tanya Williams – Executive Director, Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage

“Today we are handing over preprinted post cards to BTIA and other partners in the tourism industry and also booklets to restaurants in Belize. What we are doing is targeting the tourism industry because we know that one of the pillars of Belize’s economy and we know that is also the industry that would be greatly impacted if there’s offshore exploration or exploration in our protected areas. As well we are trying to continue to educate Belizeans through educating children and that’s why we have the activity booklet. The importance of it is that we continue to advocate for a ban on off shore oil exploration in our protected areas and we’re looking at different activities and different strategies to ensure that we continue that advocacy effort. If there are any restaurants who are interested in having the booklets at their restaurant please contact us and also anybody in the tourism industry who wants to do the preprinted post card they are free, there is a preprinted message on it, directed to the Prime Minister.  All the tourist has to do is put their address on it and mail it off. So if you are interested please contact us.”

Williams said while the message is important for all Belizeans, they target the voting population.

Tanya Williams – Executive Director, Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage

We continue to do school education presentations but we target adults a lot because they are the voting population and its very important that we ensure that those who vote they are educated so that when they go to vote that they consider issues like off shore oil exploration and exploration in protected areas as one of the issues that they should consider when they are voting for a new representative for their particular constituency.”

Representative of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, John Burgos said they are willing to work with the Coalition to ensure that the goal of banning oil exploration in offshore and protected areas.

John Burgos – Representative, BTIA

With this initiative we welcome, continue to partner with the Belize Coalition to save our Natural Heritage and the other entities that are involved. We want to advocate the necessity for us to be well informed as to the effects that this can have on our people, our society our fishing industry so we want to extend the invitation to all of you to support our initiative and this is one that had been done in the past and that is going to be carried out in the future until we get a final word and say as to what is going to be the way forward with regard to off shore drilling. The ideal expectation is for the government to be able to acknowledge the fact that off shore drilling should be completely off the table in terms of the future development of Belize and for financial stability of Belize on a whole. “

The BTIA will distribute the postcards to its members.