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Coalition Saving Our Natural Heritage through Education on Sea Seep Survey

Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage is holding its own consultations into the Marine Multibeam and Sea Seep Survey. According to the spokesperson, Valentino Shal, the focus is on getting everyone up to date with the information regarding the survey.


“We are trying to meet with our friends, supporters and constituents before the government consultation next week Wednesday because it appears that that might be the only opportunity there is to participate in that consultation which for us is inadequate and insufficient; the people ought to be given as much opportunity as possible to have an input in that type of undertaking but to have that event in Belize City at night clearly makes it difficult for a lot of people to be able to attend and so that is one of the reasons why we had to go out there and talk to them. The idea is that you want people to participate in whatever it is that you are undertaking you want their input and you want their feedback and their opinions but the way they have been going about this, the government that is, is that it is actually making it difficult for people to participate. You cannot expect people from the Cayes and all over to be here in the middle of the week at night without expenses becoming an obstacle to their participation so that is something that they need to address, I think it is unfair and inconsiderate of them to go and set up a process like that that makes it difficult for people to participate.”

This evening, the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum announced that the Marine Multibeam and Sea Seep Survey consultation has been cancelled. No reason was given. The Coalition has written to the Ministry asking for clarification for the cancellation.