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Coalition Wants Government’s Commitment in Black and White

Is the government of Belize saying yes to offshore oil? That is the question that the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage is asking after a letter was sent to one of the members from the Department of Petroleum in which they claim that the government is refusing to adopt legislation on the offshore oil moratorium.  In the letter the government states that it will continue to maintain a policy-based moratorium on offshore exploration. The coalition is not accepting it unless it is put in black and white.  Amanda Acosta, Executive Director of the Audubon Society and member of the Coalition, spoke with Love News.


Acosta says that there needs to be national consensus in which we decide as a country whether we want to pursue oil exploration to increase economic activity or we want to strengthen the industries already in place.


Acosta stated that the coalition continues to do its public consultations because the public needs to be aware of what decisions are taken on our natural resources.


The letter from the Department of Petroleum was sent to Janelle Chanona, a member of the coalition on November 4, 2016.