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Coast Guard Aided Victims of Robbery Incident

The Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie has commented on a robbery at sea that occurred on a vessel that was anchored near Middle Long Caye in Belizean waters.  Police investigators have recovered some of the items taken and arrests have been made while investigations are ongoing.  Today, however, we heard from the head of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral Borland on the role they played in this incident.


For this incident, three persons were arraigned, including a parent, before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza.  22-year-old, Bradwick Lino was found with black binoculars taken during the robbery while Florita Pineda and her son, 20-year-old, Jason Cortez were found with three hard drives also taken from the vessel in the robbery.  Magistrate Mendoza sentenced Lino to three months in prison and granted Pineda and Cortez bail of one thousand five hundred dollars each on the conditions that Pineda reports to the Mahogany Precinct on Mondays while Cortez was ordered to report to the station on Mondays and Fridays.  The duo is also to avoid other criminal activities.  According to John Picard, he was aboard the vessel with some friends when they were awoken at around 10pm by the robbers.  Pineda and Cortez are to reappear in court on March 16, 2016.