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Year Three of the Best Warrior Competition Underway

The Belize Coast Guard is into its third annual Best Warrior Competition which began today and will continue over the next two days.   It is a competition among law enforcement officers in which they are tasked to undertake grueling physical combat training to find out who is the roughest and readiest soldier.  The Best Warrior Competition began in 2013 and is the brainchild of the Coast Guard Commander, John Borland.  The first year was an internal competition and last year it was opened up to other law enforcement agencies.  In 2014, the competition included several challenges including the Marching Chute, as was explained by Lieutenant Derick Castillo.


“We started off with the berghaus which have 40lbs in there; helmet and all that military stuff that has you preparing yourself to go to war. They would march with that berghaus and all that kit and along the way we would meet jerrycans with water that you must take along with you as a team. Along the way you also meet some ammunition containers, you must take those also. Stretchers also you would pick those up and take those all the way to the range. When they get to the range the guys will be extremely exhausted but we still want them to be able to fight so after taking all that kit and placing it down they will be issued their ammunition and they will have to crawl from a 250 meter firing point to the 200 meter firing point and then engage and fall in place that would be 200 meters away from them.”