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Coast Guard Hold Women’s Symposium

The Belize Coast Guard was one of the many organizations that joined in to celebrate March as Women’s Month. The events held may have been overshadowed by more pressing issues at the time but tonight we take a look at how the BCG commemorated women’s month in style. The initiatives were made to honour the dedication, commitment, and loyalty of the Coast Guard servicewomen. Acting Vice Commandant Amla Pinelo told our newsroom about the month’s event.

Alma Pinelo, Acting Vice Commandant: “What we did this year we normally do our Wonder Woman Challenge if you recall we always have you guys here for the coverage but because of COVID we did something a little different which I think all the women preferred it we decided to do each week we did an exercise either if it was wellness, if it was a community outreach but we made sure we kind of got all of our bases covered every week. So the first week we started with a church service here then the second week we did a team building activity with all the women in the Coast Guard to get to know each other better and that team camaraderie aspect of it. The third week we did a health and wellness day; I invited one of my good friends from San Pedro Mr.Gerry Badillo he does the cardio dance fitness and then we had brunch together, a women’s brunch and then we ended up with two events the last week which was our community outreach at the women’s prison.  We had members from all over the Coast Guard and even outside whosoever wanted to donate to our cause and we took some toiletries, and nice products for the women there and because of COVID also only six of them could have attended so we chose the six that wanted to go and have a talk with the women there and kind of just like an empowerment talk on how life can still go on after prison and that whole law enforcement aspect that we serve everyday.”

The events were wrapped up with the first annual Women’s Leadership Symposium. Acting

Commandant Gregory Soberanis told us how the culminating event signified the importance of our servicewomen in our arm forces.

Gregory Soberanis, Acting Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “Women’s month for the Belize Coast Guard culminated with the women’s symposium and we had a team of distinguished speakers. We had Admiral Borland, Minister Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Ms.Jenny Lovelle and Ms.Carrie Wade and the keynote speaker for us was Mrs.Briceno. And the symposium really highlighted three key important aspects of women in the security services. One we wanted to highlight and honor the women in the security services’ contributions to national defence, peace and security and also to remind our communities of the accomplishment of the service women throughout the year not only to the security service but also to society. And three it’s a chance for us to reflect on those women who are trail blazers and who lead the way for change recognizing that the contributions that they made really break the glass ceilings as it relates to the accomplishments that our women achieve on a day to day basis. So the Women’s Symposium was significant for us and we continue to honor our women who are in service. And in addition to that we also highlighted the wives of the men who serve because those women also contribute to the success of the Belize Coast Guard as an organization.”

Soberanis noted that the events of the month were aimed at providing the servicewomen with the recognition they deserved.