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Coast Guard in the lead for the Wonder Woman Challenge

Today Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the Belize Coast Guard females continued to compete in the Wonder Woman Challenge. The first day of the competition ended with the Belize Coast Guard in the lead with two hundred points. Today the women continue to push themselves beyond their limits in the grueling competition. Love News was there and spoke with Captain Megan Aspinall of the BDF.

Captain Megan Aspinall – BDF: “It has been a grueling two days, the six mile run in the heat was very challenging , it had to be mental endurance to get thorough the six miles in the heat this morning.”

Janelle Dial: what other activities are going on right now as we speak?

Captain Megan Aspinall – BDF: “In the afternoon segment which you are seeing here now we have the medley that consists of a run with a log, one lap with a log, one lap with cleats, one with flack jackets and the other with Jerry cans and stretcher and it finishes with a rope climb.”

Love News also spoke with who Petti Officer Roslyn Reid of the Belize Coast Guard spoke about her team’s performance.

Petti Officer Roslyn Reid – the Belize Coast Guard: “The second day was good and it was difficult however we took on the challenge and we did our best and we made sure that the team that started behind us didn’t catch us and that we had the other team within our sight. It came fruitful because so far we are tied along with the BDF for second place so I feel really good about today.”

Reid said that the grueling exercises performed in the challenge help them to better execute their job.