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Coast Guard Man Says He Defended Himself After Being Sexually Aggressed Upon

Ladyville Police are investigating a report made by a member of the Belize Coast Guard. The 24-year-old man went to the Ladyville Police Station early this morning where he claims two men made sexual advances on him.  Assistant Superintendent Commissioner of Police, Juanito Cocom shared the details.


“He stated that he was socializing with two persons at a residence on Perez Road, Ladyville when he was sexually accosted by the two men. They attempted to rape him, he claims that they attempted to rape him and that he fought them off. Shortly thereafter a person arrived at the station bringing two male persons bleeding profusely. Both men are of #14 Heckler Wood Road Ladyville Village. Both were immediately transported to Belize City and are presently at the Belize Medical Associates undergoing treatment. They received wounds to the head and are listed in a stable condition. Police then visited the residence on Perez Road where the incident occurred; it was processed; a machete a chisel and other items were retrieved. So far we have still not managed to get a proper account of the incident from the persons at the hospital. As we speak police officers are interviewing them to see their side of the story.”

The police have been unable to speak with the two accused as they are undergoing medical treatment. ASP Cocom stated that if the allegations against the men can be proven, they will seek advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions on how to handle the case.