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Coast Guard May Need to Tighten Up

Love News asked the Deputy Commander to comment on the recent incidents and the negative light cast upon the Belize Coast Guard.


“Its very unfortunate but to say it’s the vetting process, not necessarily. The Coast Guard has grown over time; we have increased numbers and personnel and that brings different characters into the organization but we are responsible for the organization, trying to keep that image and trying to ensure that we maintain that professional posture so we cannot pin point and say what exactly is the cause of the most recent incident.  They are all isolated but severe breaches of discipline. It takes good leadership to keep the organization together, to keep the men focused and of course to have good disciplinary measures in place. The military is structured in such a way as leadership is responsible for everything and where leadership shortfalls then we need to tighten up in certain areas and each one of the those patrols that go out are commanded by either a commission officer or a senior listed personnel and it takes good leadership at all levels to ensure that we adhere to our operating procedures, to ensure that we adhere to our management system.”

There is currently an intake of the Belize Coast Guard in training and those fifty persons will graduate in late November 2015.