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Coast Guard Rescues Four at Colson Caye

bcg rescue - Feb 2016Colson Cay is an island and is located in Stann Creek District and is known to be the ideal location for fishing enthusiasts.  It is uncertain whether the four individuals rescued from that area today were on a fishing trip but the quick response by the team of Belize Coast Guard men has allowed the four to be home with their families tonight.  Reports are that the four, namely, Charles Bradley, Christopher Hyde, Brian Armstrong and Ezmir Garrido, were in a vessel in the Colson Caye area just south of Rendezvous Caye when their boat engine failed.  Three Petty Officers, Class three, namely, Daniel Sabido, Arthur Garbutt and Trevor Vasquez along with Seaman, Osman Alcoser responded to the area and towed in the vessel while ensuring the safety of the four passengers.  The rescue operations happened at around ten thirty this morning.