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Coast Guard Stabbed to Death in Rural Belize

An altercation turned deadly yesterday, resulting in the death of a sailor of the Belize Coast Guard. The situation escalated from a minor traffic incident to the pulling of a knife and the death of 28-year-old, Elston Morter. Reporter Vejea Alvarez has been following this incident and filed the following report.

Vejea Alvareaz, Love FM News:  28 year old Elston Morter a sailor of the Belize Coat Guard was stabbed to death on Tuesday evening in Hattieville Village. The father of two was socializing with a colleague in the New Site area of the village at the home of 28 year old Marcel Gill. Sometime around 4pm Gill told the men that he was involved in a road traffic accident earlier that day with a neighbor. Gill further told them that he had agreed to settle the matter amicably but when they went over to the house to finalize the agreement the situation escalated and an argument ensued and that dispute led to Morter being fatally wounded and Gill being hospitalized in a critical condition. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Fitzroy Yearwood investigators believe that the matter could have been avoided. 

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “At the end of the day we believe that that situation could have been avoided if they had just left it until the time and day that they had made their arrangement for. We’re not trying to blame anyone but incidents like these that occur you would want to know what would trigger something like this to happen. Our investigators are doing their utmost best to try to gather all the facts so that we can make a conclusive decision at the end of our investigation. Of course you know in a case like this we would seek the advice of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and we will be guided by her expertise and decision.”

Vejea Alvareaz, Love FM News: Morter’s sister 48 year old Darlene Morter says that the news of his death came in the form of a text message and even after calling to confirm she was left in a state of shock. 

Darelen Morter, Sister: “When I called the number it was one of his close friends, his sister and she called and she told me well Elston just got stabbed and if you guys could please go to the hospital you know he’s very critical. I was I guess in a shock because I heard it but I was like mute to everything. I just said okay and I was already half dressed because I was to go and pick up packages for my daughter at her teacher so I just immediately finished getting dressed and I came outside and told me mom and dad well I received such message that my brother was stabbed and they couldn’t believe it so I asked my mom if she wanted to go or if she wanted me to go and afterwards I said you know what let me just go.”

Vejea Alvareaz, Love FM News: The sailor with six years service to the country was no stranger Hattieville and according to his mother in law Morter had just gone to visit his twin sons 0before heading over to a friend to socialize. 

Mother-in-law: “His world was his kids, those boys. That was his world, he would do anything for them. Yesterday he came and had breakfast with us and he was talking with the boys he said like this ‘You are the best mother in law.’ he said ‘and I love you.’ I remember all the good times with Elston, sometimes I would go drinking and he would just video me, he loved to do things like that and he give me this name ‘Stab’ that’s the name he gave me ‘Stab.’ and to get this kind of news I am heartbroken especially when you think about the kids because I don’t think they really understand what is really happening right now until that day comes. When I look at his kids it pains my heart because they look like their dad. They were all for their dad. He told the boys he was coming back but he never did.”

Vejea Alvareaz, Love FM News: While Morter never made it back to see his young children his family says he will be remembered as a man who lived for his family and tried his best to stay out of trouble. 

Darelen Morter, Sister: “He was a very well known person. Very loving person, caring person, generous ,loved his kids to death. Everybody knew my brother. No one knew of him as a bad person you know he wasn’t that kind of person. He always tried to get if he had an incident whereby there was a hard talk or anything to that effect he would try to get this issue resolved whether it was him, whether it was for his friends that was the type of person he was. He’s not a troublesome person, he always wanted to try and resolve whatever the issue or the problem was without having all that drama and all of that. He wasn’t about that.

Vejea Alvareaz, Love FM News: It was a tragic end for a promising young man and a crime which police are still investigating.

Love News understands that two Perez brothers of Hattieville Village have been detained pending further investigations.