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COBEC holds college fair

Belize has been a part of the Consortium for the Educational Cooperation  of Belize,  COBEC for over twenty five years. Today we talked to Karen Martinez, the Belize Co-Chair of COBEC about what the organization has to offer to the people of Belize

Karen Martinez – Belize Co-chair, COBEC

“COBEC is a partnership with Belize and international universities like the US and we recently included Canada. We work together to improve capacity, build capacity in Belize and we do a lot of collaboration among all the institutions. We’ll have the college fair which is a recruitment fair where our international partners come into Belize to recruit and seek to explain to our students and those interested in studying abroad how to go about doing that; these include giving them information on how to check for scholarships and also how to apply to those universities and we’ll have another one tomorrow in San Ignacio at the San Ignacio auditorium which will also start at three. Some of the US students and faculty come to Belize to work alongside tertiary institutions in Belize and we also have where faculty go to the US and we have cultural exchanges so it has been a partnership that is mutually engaging and beneficial.


A college fair for students who are interested in getting a higher education and studying abroad in the United States or Canada took place this afternoon. We spoke to Jeff Bradshaw, the director of international communications at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin about the programs offered at their school.

Jeff Bradshaw – Director, International communications at Madison College

“We’re here as part of the COBEC recruitment fair and at Madison College we offer both a college transfer program that is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin and then more that 140 specialized technical degrees in fields like science engineering to programs like hospitality, tourism and culinary arts. We’d love to have the opportunity for Belizeans to come to Wisconsin and this is my first time participating in the COBEC fair here in Belize City.”

We also got the chance to speak to some students about their opinion on the college fair.

Student 1

“I’m personally studying biology, principles of accounts and principles of business. Basically I think this is a good idea because its widening our knowledge about the different schools and colleges around the world and I feel like different students should come out here and take advantage because they told us about different scholarships that we can be in and colleges that you can go to and it’s a good opportunity for kids.”

Student 2

“I think it’s a very good idea help the students become more aware of the different college opportunities that they have because many of us don’t really know what it takes to get into these colleges or the process or different things like that so having these representatives here is a good idea to let them be aware and comfortable with the process of applying to college because it might be scary but once you have someone that is willing to talk to you and help you understand its very simple so I think this is a very good idea for the students. For me UNF and Memorial got my attention because they have really good programs and they cater for different international students so those two got my attention for sure.”

The second college fair will take place at Sacred Heart College tomorrow.