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CODICADER delegation’s trip cancelled due to Harvey

Former Tropical Storm Harvey was the primary reason why the National Sports Council decided to cancel Belize’s participation in the VI CODICADER Student Sports Games. The announcement was made on Saturday- one day before the Belize delegation was to make the trip to Honduras. Harvey is now a tropical wave but it reduced to a tropical depression before arriving in Honduras. The release from the National Sports Council says that quote “The safety and well being of the student athletes are first and foremost.  We pray that our country and other neighboring countries will be spared from any major impact as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey, however, it is not a risk we are willing to take with our student athletes.” Director of the National Sports Council Ian Jones said they consulted with the National Meteorological Service of Belize and were advised that quote, “there was a 60% probability that Belize and or Honduras would be hit by, at the least, a Tropical Storm or a Major Hurricane.” He says that the uncertainty was too great of a risk and that quote ‘by no way was the decision made in order to intentionally remove the opportunity from these kids.’