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Cohune Walk Belmopan smells like bagasse and feces

There’s a foul odor that has risen over Cohune Walk in Belmopan. No it’s not the result of a squabble between the political parties in parliament but a pungent smell that seems to combine the malodor of human waste with bagasse. That’s the most pleasant way it can be described but fingers have been pointed at both Travellers Liquors’ distillery in the area of the Belize Water Services Limited Treatment ponds. We asked the area representative John Saldivar when Cohune Walk residents be able to breathe clean air again.

Jose Sanchez: “Progress brings problems, many Belmopan residents are complaining about the Traveller’s Distillery and the stench they are experiencing. Is this something that you as the area representative is looking into?”

Honorable John Saldivar: “First of all I think it is premature in this case to be mentioning the Traveller’s without the concrete proof that a stench is emanating from their establishment.”

Jose Sanchez: “I believe the DOA has already addressed it.”

Honorable John Saldivar: “Once it is clear that it is from them I am sure that they will deal with it but I believe they are claiming that it is not from their facility so we will continue to look at that but I have been on this matter now for several months. From the time that it has started it has stopped for a little while but it is coming back so as soon as we can identify exactly where it is coming from we will fix it.”

The Department of Environment is addressing the issue.