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COLA Accuses GOB of Appeasing the Guatemalans

Just hours before the Prime Minister’s press conference, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) held a press brief to discuss a couple issues. President, Geovanni Brackett spoke of the Guatemala dispute, he said the decisions being made by Government seems aimed at appeasing Guatemala.


“We’ve seen the veracity by the government who is very eager to change the referendum act to appease Guatemala and so we are very concerned as it relates to that and we’ve asked our attorney to give us an opinion if there is also an injunction and what we can do legally and it seems right now that legally there is not much legally that can be done and at some point the people of Belize will have to rise up and take a position and take a stand. We are being sold out left right and center, our sovereignty are compromised, the organization who are there who are supposed to advocate and assist are compromised as well. It is just a really bad situation where we are but we don’t want to give people despair but the truth is that we have to tell the truth.”

Attorney Kareem Musa who is assisting COLA with legal advice, said the Belizean public needs to take a stand now.


“The initial opinion is that there isn’t much legally that we can do in relation to challenging Mr.Barrow’s attempt to change the referendum law to reduce it to a simple majority. I think that pressure will have to come from the Belizean public I think we have to see that move by this government for what it is; it is an effort to try to accommodate the Guatemalans to try to ensure that we have a referendum that will match up to their referendum laws, we have no need for that. We have our own laws and they should respect our laws, if it is 60% it should remain 60% but again it is something that the Belizean public will have to bring pressure on this government that we will not again bow down and bend over to the Guatemalans and to accommodate them in their move to the ICJ.”