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COLA and BPP Say NO to SSB Investment in BTL

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA held a press conference this morning to continue discussion on the 55 million dollar investment that the Social Security Board is considering putting into the Belize Telemedia Limited. COLA persists in denouncing the transaction saying it will negatively affect the Belizean public and they are calling on the unions to become involved in condemning the move. COLA’s president Geovanni Brackett discusses the issue.


“COLA maintains that that investment by the SSB is not a good one for the reason we’ve reiterated last week. We believe that the investment committee could have very well created a new industry something unique, I think there are a lot of Belizeans out there who have degrees and who have very good ideas whom the Social Security Board can actually look at those give maybe for copyright give a percentage to that individual and let the Social Security Board take up majority ownership of that industry.  I think there is a lot of evaluation that could have been done before jumping into the BTL investment as if though BTL is the only big thing in down. Maybe it’s the only current big thing right now but for a country that has so much resources I think that the Social Security Board could have created a better investment idea. One other thing we have to caution is that I think the general council for the NTUCB who have the two representatives on the Social Security Board and a rep on the investment committee I think the NTUCB by extension needs to give a thorough explanation to this country as to why it is that they voted they way they voted and why it is that it was done so quickly and also we at COLA would want to know if that was presented to the Social Partners on the SSB board why weren’t they leaked to the media to say these are the reasons why.”

BPP Leader Patrick Rogers participated in the press conference, this morning, and spoke about the heavy implications that the SSB investment will have on employees. He also made a plea to the unions to protect the employees.


COLA also send out a public plea to the public to get involved in protesting the move.