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COLA: “Cattouse was Murdered to Send a Message”

On Thursday, October twelve, seventy-two-year-old taxi man and activist, Albert Cattouse, was shot and killed in Belize City. His murder sent shockwaves throughout the activist community. Yesterday, Cattouse’s close personal friend and President of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, Geovanni Brackett, told the media that activists are interpreting Cattouse’s murder as a message.

Geovanni Brackett – President of COLA

“In all honesty my police inside sources, because COLA has sources in every department, and we were informed that since Moses Sulph put out the $5,000 reward there has been a lot of information that has been gathered. That organization has channeled the information to the police, my source says that the police are acting upon it. One of the things is that we’ve asked them to check his phone records from about 6:25 that evening to about 7 to track the callers who called him. The other thing we’ve asked the police to do and we are hoping that they have done it, indications are that they have but I haven’t been able to speak to them but I’ll get more information later, after this I’m going to contact the family member to see if they got any new information I am going to text that to the media if they get anything new. But so far I think the family has not gotten the opportunity to meet with the police to actually have a dialogue to see where the investigation is going. I only told them what was told to me. We believe that this is a high profile execution hit that requires all the government’s resources and energy. Just the mere fact that there are a lot of cloudy areas around it; you asked about the conclusion; the conclusion of the activist community is that this was a hit. Many of the activist community believe strongly that this was a message sent to the community to strike fear and to test — the information that has come to us is that it was the rationale behind it Mr.Cattouse was an easier target than many of us because of the nature of his job.”