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COLA challenges authenticity of medical school

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, and Poor People Organization for A Healthy And Righteous Society today issued a joint release expressing concern over what it calls fake “diploma mills”. President for COLA, Giovanni Brackett says they remain concern over the legitimacy of some medical schools in Belize, particularly the school that was formerly known as the American Global University located near the Philip Goldson International Airport. In a release, COLA and PPOHRS say that they have found out that after eleven years as American Global University, in 2017 that school’s name was changed to Columbus Central University, but, it carries the same phone number as its San Pedro counterpart Washington University of Health Sciences. Brackett says they are concerned because Belize continues to be scrutinized internationally.
Giovanni Brackett – President, COLA
“These medical school, if they are fake, could be a front just to get people to get visa, it could be a front for human trafficking, it could be a front for money laundering we have already had too many bad eyes on Belize and we believe that the Ministry of Education and the different Ministries that are responsible for economic development and investment need to monitor these types of investments, these types of operations that may just be front. When you look at their web page it shows that there is activity happening but as you can see right now behind me there is no activity. We are not calling for a complete halt on charters given out for these medical schools but work with the legitimate medical schools to grow that area but close down these abandoned and what we call alleged fake schools that are not operational.”

Raymond Rivers – PPOHRS
“If you look where this building is situated, it’s situated right by the airport. Belizeans we have to think and fast. If it is working then it’s good but if you are using it as a ponzi scheme that is where we are going wrong.”

This is not the first time that COLA has declared its suspicions over the legitimacy of that school. About four years ago, they brought up the issue and soon after the administrators of the school dispelled the allegations. Today, after learning of the title change, Brackett says they remain unconvinced.

Giovanni Brackett – President, COLA
“They need to come out again because clearly, in fact we don’t even know if there has been a change of owners. When the change of name we don’t even know if they have changed ownership or what is happening and if Washington is a legitimate medical school having its name placed for a school here that is abandoned that we can’t see any activity gives us reason for suspicion. Maybe there is somebody here and we don’t know but “River’s do you want to call them maybe ?”

When it was suggested that the school may be closed for the summer, Brackett said he does not feel it’s reason enough to have the office closed.