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COLA condemns efforts to muzzle the media

Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA) is now under Shawn Saldano who took over as president a few weeks ago.  In his first public fight, Saldano met with the media today to criticize the Sanctuary Bay saga with a view on the muzzling of the media via the Prime Minister’s threatened lawsuit.

Shawn Saldano – President of COLA: “The Government’s tactic and position to stifle media will not be accepted. In fact if you are going to attack anybody attack the source of the document. You should never jeopardize the work and the freedom of the press so, in fact, that press release you should look it up on COLA Belize it says specifically that we stand in solidarity with the press to ensure that the Belizean people get the relevant facts and information as it pertains to our democracy and as it pertains to this horrific scandal of corruption. I also want to underscore, puzzle and to raise the level of an eye-opener to the Belizean people. The Government was a bit too quick to settle the matter and so really and truly we have to be very cautious and we have to be very careful and we have to ask very important questions too. Where will this money come from to settle this? What are the reasons for the settlement and so forth so I think we really and truly we have to be mindful of the situation and we cannot allow it to bypass so easily.”

Saldano went on to speak on the importance of transparency and holding officials accountable.