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COLA continues its campaign for construction of forward operating base

Today Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, held a press conference at which they revisited the position they stated last week.  The demand for the construction of the forward operating base, the review of policies with Guatemala and the removal of Wilfred Elrington as Foreign Minister. President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett said as in previous years, Government is hoping Belizeans will be distracted with the celebrations and not follow up on decisions being taken during this time. He made particular reference to the announcement of the agreement between Government of Belize and Fortis over Belize Electricity Limited.

Geovanni Brackett – President, COLA

“This week the Prime Minister flanked by various cronies and lackeys and the CEO of Fortis Inc. Mr. Barry Perry announced that for the pricy sum of $70 million Fortis would accept partial defeat in its bid to retake Belize Electricity Limited. It would be a minority player in this now supposed Belizean owned company while allowing government to save face for a takeover they have yet to fully explain or justify, a takeover that the average Belizean has not benefitted from. Electricity prices are seesaw at best so we will not through bouquets at COLA here, we will not be praising the government for this deal, we will not be at the feet of the Prime Minister not when a sizable amount of Belizeans are still without electricity or have to scrape to pay while certain friends and company try to rake even more off the top. Here is the thing, this so called negotiation between Fortis and GOB has been brought up for a reason, it’s a distraction. September is the month of distraction. You can slip certain things by Belizeans but not in the past but we say that that ends here.”

COLA says they will keep up their pressure during the celebrations. Speakers at this morning’s event included Patrick Menzies of Belize Can and other members of COLA’s executive.