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COLA receives support in campaign for construction of base

Citizen Organized for Liberty and Action, the Belize Territorial Volunteers, the Northern Territorial Volunteers, the Vision Inspired by the People and the Belize Unity Alliance have officially joined efforts in their cause. As you may already know, these activist groups have been in the forefront in regards to the transparency and accountable in Government and the Belize/Guatemala Border Dispute. Members of these organizations met this morning for about two hours to forge a new path forward. Wil Maheia of the BTV, Giovanni Brackett of COLA and Charles Leslie of the BUA spoke to the media.

Wil Maheia – BTV

“As you know this Guatemala issue is burning. A lot of things are happening. We can’t even go on our island right now, we can’t even go into the river so that’s what we are meeting here about because we go down to the river and the Guatemalans are there on our side even preventing us from getting into the river. We need the government to do some explanation. Could we speak to you about the move now of the Territorial Volunteers because we have heard from David Jones who has said you know what, we vary our time so it doesn’t make sense for the Volunteers to shadow us in that area of the Sarstoon. All of a sudden they start reviewing their time, they’ve always, the Prime Minister had said that himself, that every Tuesday consistently that they have been going up the river so why all of a sudden now they are varying their times, because of the Belize Territorial Volunteers? We on every expedition we have ever been have never carried any weapons, we are not a threat. The only thing we do is carry a Belizean flag. Is that now a crime to carry a Belizean flag to our borders as we know it?

Giovanni Brackett – COLA

“Like Wil said from the time the official border clearing of the land was done at our AGM two years ago, probably more than two years, we have always shared, COLA was on some of those expeditions. We’ve always had a relationship but you know COLA; we’re our own identity and so coming out of that last Sarstoon trip, what we noticed is that there’s a specific campaign that needed to be done to address the situation because back in the days we used to hear Not One Blade of Grass, however now it’s an entire island, an entire river. So when we look at the situation we thought it warranted a campaign and one that we are happy to say that many people have responded very well. Thus those who have given their support and are calling to be a part of it.

Charles Leslie – BUA

“The BUA has officially received membership application from the BTV to join the Unity Alliance. As soon as that membership application has been processed, we will be making an official press release to welcome the BTV on board.”